I have said many times, if you put 10 people in a room and show them a white wall, they will all see something different. It is all about perception.

A few years ago, I had a psychiatrist tell me that, “I had too many options to solve problems.” His explanation was, “You are like a Mercedes with parts from a Ford, a Chevrolet, a Toyota, a Jaguar and all sorts of cars made up this Mercedes which is you!

In other words, I had lived such a life that I can solve the same problem different ways. I thought most people thought the same as I do. It all depends on how you view the situation at hand.

If you want an issue to be a problem, that is what it will be, a problem. If you choose to see the issue as a small coincidence, that is what it will be.

We all live different experiences that help us to view things differently than other people. The 10 people looking at a white wall have different memories of a white wall or the color white therefore they see something different than you. If you view things from a positive point of view instead of negative, you will see something completely different, or even a happy memory.

Our perception is linked to our emotions. For instance, if you were trapped in a white room at some point in your life, the color white activates the emotion Fear. When you see the white wall, Fear takes over what you actually see. It is up to you to change the color white to a positive, say emotion Joy. You either make a new memory or search your past for a positive memory for the color white.

Our brins are wired to find what sticks out the most which is generally traumatic or fearful and angry memories. This is why it is difficult for us to focus on happiness.

Published by tabbi41

I live in Long Beach, MS with my husband and 2 children. I have many health issues which I will be talking about and other various topics.

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