My Sons Bully

Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the underage.

A couple years ago, 5 boys age 10-13, broke into the middle school ball field concession stand. Due to the amount of damages and snacks stolen, the total was over $500. Each of the children got a felony charge for what they done.

Two of the boys lived in the apartments across from our house. Liam used to be a trouble maker until he was charged and the other boys tried to blame it all on him. When he got off house arrest he was a better kid and more kind.

Noah used to be a good kid until he got charged then became a nightmare after house arrest. Noah was about 12 when this happened, two years younger than my oldest son. He is now a bully.

Almost a year ago, Noah assaulted my son. The police were called and I was told to find out his address and go to family court. I was furious. Nothing was done. I never found out the boy’s address.

When school started this year in August, Noah and my son had a couple classes together. My son, Troy, changed his schedule 5 times before they didn’t have any classes together.

Noah has started crap at school, followed Troy part of the way home, and in town. Troy is 15 and the school Resource Officer has told us that if Troy touches Noah, it will be a felony. How Troy has been able to control his temper, I have no clue.

I told Troy that if it comes to it and he has to defend himself, he better make that felony count. We have reported Noah at least 15 times so there is a long paper trail. The Resource Officer has done all he can do.


As of January 20, 2020, the child that was bullying my oldest son has moved out of the school district.

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