Do you feel someone else’s pain and emotions?

Eleven years ago, I worked as a manager at a retail store chain. I enjoyed my job until one day a customer made me sick. I was helping a customer when another customer came around the corner and lost her balance. To keep from falling, she grabbed my leg instead of my arm. When she grabbed my leg, she ran her hand down my leg. I ran to the restroom and vomited.

This was the first time I got sick over someone touching me. I went and got a coworker that was a dear friend and talked about it. She helped me to realize that all these years I was an empath but didn’t know it.

My first experience was when I was 9 years old. I had been riding my bike and stopped t the entrance of our gravel driveway. The gravel gave way and my leg slide towards the ditch like I was doing a split. All of a sudden an image popped in my head that something was going to happen to my mom.

A few hours later, I was helping my dad put shingles on the roof and I was scaling the edge with my feet partially off the roof. We had a canopy beside the driveway. My mom took a few steps back and tripped over the rope tied in the ground. She broke her ankle and it turned around where her toes should have been.

I have always been a magnet for animals, especially snakes. I just never understood why they all came to me. I have even had horses and deer come to me for me to pet them.

Now many years later, this ability has become more intense. For example, a friend of ours had braces put on a few years ago. He put both of my hands on his cheeks to feel what he had done. A couple hours later I called him and told him to take a pain pill that I was hurting. He didn’t believe me until 10 minutes later when he felt the pain I was talking about.

People have told me I am a ‘therapist’ and listener. Apparently I can help them with their problems but I can’t take my own advice. Funny how that works.

When I feel people’s emotions, it is exhausting for me. I feel drained after being around certain people. I don’t like shopping around strangers. I love my alone time but my husband, I seem to always need nearby. He is part of my recovery after the stress of being around others.

Good luck and stay blessed.

Published by tabbi41

I live in Long Beach, MS with my husband and 2 children. I have many health issues which I will be talking about and other various topics.

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