I have a problem. I am irritable most of the time. I don’t like being around other people because of this flaw. I don’t like snapping at others and biting their heads off, so to speak. My own family gets on my nerves over the tiniest of things.

For example, I fold clothes and put them away. When I return with the next days clothes the previous clothing I placed in drawers are messed up. I feel like my head is on fire just talking about it. I wash the dishes and the next day all, I mean all, the dishes are dirty it seems like. There are only 4 of us in this house. When I am talking someone interrupts me and I forget what I was saying.

I’m not entirely sure which of my illnesses I get it from. Is it the anxiety, depression, bipolar or my pituitary adenoma. I just don’t know which one to blame.

I try to take a step back and walk away from whatever I get frustrated about but it can be quite difficult at times. When someone is talking over me, I get so mad and can’t think straight. I want to tell them to just, SHUT UP. I don’t like being rude but if I try to correct them then I am the bad guy.

So how do I handle myself when I get like this. Well first I try to think about something else. I might grunt every now and then when I’m alone. I also bite my tongue but there have been a couple of times where I bit my tongue so hard that it began to bleed and I wound up with a hole in it. I would not suggest doing that. My son has a punching bag but that just makes me even angrier. I have walked away when people are talking to me but that just starts a fight.

So since I don’t really have a solution, I am open to options. Please comment especially if you have an idea that I can try.

Good luck and please wish me luck too, lol.

Published by tabbi41

I live in Long Beach, MS with my husband and 2 children. I have many health issues which I will be talking about and other various topics.

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