Buck’s Surgery

October 2016

Buck had been working for a Salvage Yard for a couple of months. On this day, he was walking through the yard when he felt a pop. A couple of his coworkers heard it loudly a few rows over. It brought Buck to his knees.

He went through 1 1/2 years of steroid shots and no actual diagnosis. After losing hope and the primary doctor on bandaiding the problem, he was finally referred to an orthopedic surgeon.

After x-rays and MRI’s, the diagnosis finally came. Buck had Avascular Necrosis in both hips and bone degenerate disease that is hereditary from his Moms side. He was grateful for finally knowing the problem but also found out that he had at least two hip replacements in the near future.

July 2018

A surgeon at Beinville Orthopedics in Gulfport, MS, operated on his left hip. The operation took 2 1/2 hours to complete. It was successful with no complications other than him being sore for the next few weeks. Physical therapy had Buck up and walking around the hospital the same day with a walker. He was in the hospital for four days.

A week later, he returned to work sitting in a chair working half days. After two more weeks he was using crutches. After another two weeks he was using only a walking cane. A month later he was walking solely on his own.

February 2019

A week before surgery on the right hip, it began bothering him to the point he was having to use a walking cane to get around.

Once this surgery was over, it had taken the surgeon a little over five hours to operate. Buck’s hip was bad and in a bind hence why surgery took so long.

Physical therapy didn’t help at all in fact it made the pain double to the point where he couldn’t move. Each visit to physical therapy they tried using a Tens Unit. This unit done more damage to his hip and was used even after the surgeon ordered them not to use it.

After several months of healing, pain management tried nerve blocks and burning the nerve in the groin area to his toes. Third time is a charm, it finally worked on the third try.

November 2019

Buck complained about the exact same spot on his right hip ever since it was replaced. He mentioned countless times that something was poking out. His surgeon said a few times that it could be a stitch from the inside causing his pain.

The initial purpose of this surgery was to scrape the bursitis off and release the IT Band because it was too tight. Once the surgeon got inside, he found a couple of stitches in a ball that was causing so much pain. He found a clear pocket of fluid on the bursa that he sent off and we are awaiting results. As far as the IT Band, it didn’t need any adjusting and was fine.

He is now healing. His pain went from an eight to a four. So far this looks like he is finally fixed. They removed his staples. He should not need any more surgeries until his next replacements in 20 years.

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